8 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

1. Improve your page load speed

There are several factors that may slow down your landing pages. Oversized images are the most common offender. In an analysis of 18,639 landing pages, pages without oversized images led to an average conversion rate of 11.4%, compared to 9.8% for pages with oversized images.

2. Focus on one Call to Action (CTA)

Each landing page should include one direct call-to-action that tells visitors what to do next. Competing CTAs create confusion among visitors, which results in fewer leads. For five or more links, conversions dropped lower to 10.5%

3. Give pages an authentic proof of value

Relevant examples of social proof include customer testimonials, case studies, and social sharing buttons You may be thinking, “Do people really still use email? Isn’t social media where it’s at for marketing today?” While it’s true that social media is an important channel for any digital marketing strategy, email has several advantages.

4. Make your landing page visually interesting

Most visitors take just a few seconds to determine whether they’ll stay on a particular page or not. For this reason, it’s important to include multimedia elements to add some life to your landing pages. Research shows using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

5. Optimize landing page for mobile

Research shows mobile-friendly landing pages lead to an average conversion rate of nearly 11.7%, compared to 10.7% for desktop-only pages. Mobile pages should be more streamlined and include shorter, multiple-choice sign-up forms that are easy to complete on a mobile device.

6. Reduce text on your landing page

Most web users scan pages rather than read them entirely. For that reason, consider cutting down your word count and only include essential information, text formatting, use bullets, headers, and spacing to break up large blocks of text.

7. Ensure you’re speaking to your target audience

Today’s buyers demand highly-personalized, specific messaging that speaks to their needs and preferences. Consider what each of your landing pages is used for—if you have a dedicated landing page for each campaign, buyer persona, or channel, make sure you tailor the content accordingly.

8. Conduct A/B testing

A/B testing lets you test various landing page layouts and content to understand which works best for your target audience.

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