What is digital transformation in sales?

The sales industry as a general rule used to be not consumer-centric. The goal was to sell more and at any price.

However, we are now encountering a new type of customer. One much more informed, more demanding, less faithful, and completely wired to the internet. They look for a product, research it on the web, browse various vendors and then maybe contact a sales representative for more information to find real market value and omnichannel purchasing.

Society’s use of technology entirely transformed not only the sales process but how businesses communicate with their customers. Sales reps have to offer a much more advisory role. They must learn how to use technology to quickly respond to customers over digital channels while adding insights for a more personalized, customer-oriented experience that moves the sales process forward. Once their particular pain points are uncovered then, and only then, can they step in and truly offer them value with the right product or service.

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