Animal Health Medical Technology



Animal health medical technology startup uses GETFLY to keep their distributed workforce connected and informed.

The Company

The global pet wearable market size was valued at USD 1.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.3% from 2020 to 2027. Existing technology in play today is primarily aimed at the consumer market (B2C).

Turning this idea on its head is Alpha Vet Tech. According to its Corporate Manager, Amy Gray, "We're an animal health medical technology company with wireless monitoring and data-driven solutions for veterinary professionals.” The company produces a comfortable sensor device which is fastened easily around the base of the tail or hind-limb and is pre-paired with a bridge device (ZooConnect Collar or ZooConnect Device) that streams data to the cloud. At the moment, the company is building their product for companion animals like cats and dogs, and they expect to expand further with early tests on koalas and kangaroos.

What started out as a small idea, took hold in 2018, and now the company has a team of 12 distributed across the world.

The Challenge

The company's director had been using the free version of Getfly to maintain their business contact lists. Apart from that, however, none of the company's processes were formalised at that early stage.They were finding it challenging to evaluate the outcomes of their activities. As an early-stage startup, the team at Alpha Vet Tech were still developing and perfecting their technology, and it was essential for them to assess progress and eliminate inefficiencies to ensure the company's growth and longevity.

Although still small, the team was growing fast Because of this, the core team faced new challenges in hiring, training, and communication. "There's a lot of communication challenges with the various timezones as well," reflected Gray. They quickly recognised the need for business apps that shared information with each other seamlessly.

The Company

As they were already using Getfly as their primary contact management system, the leadership team at Alpha Vet Tech were aware of Zoho. When they received an alert about Zoholics in Sydney, they decided to learn more about Zoho's offerings. "Within six months of me starting with the company, the team asked me to attend it," recollected Gray, adding, "It was a good event to see how existing customers used the applications. That's where we were introduced to the Getfly package."

After the event, Gray and the team considered Getfly. "We did a cost analysis of the different applications available and we decided that Getfly was best suited for the company." It wasn't only because they had already used Getfly, explained Gray, but it was instrumental in their evaluation of other solutions. "It was the best solution we could find. We wanted one that could integrate with a lot of our applications, as opposed to having different subscriptions for apps that didn't talk to each other. That was the main pain point," Gray said.

The team was thorough in their research. Before finalising Getfly, they also evaluated the other packaged offerings from Getfly. "We knew there were individual packages such as the sales, marketing, and finance bundles. So we compared those with Getfly, and we also looked outside of Getfly, just to see what was available," Gray said. The key factor that encouraged the Alpha Vet Tech team was the comprehensive built-in integrations between the many applications in Getfly. Gray noted, "We still came back to Zoho as the best option because it did have all the integrations between the apps.".

The biggest need for the team was clear and uninterrupted communication between their peers across the world. Zoho Cliq was the ideal solution. "We use the audio calls. When we call our international team through Cliq, the audio calls and the video feature are just as good and often even better than the apps outside of Getfly," explained Gray

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Alex Patton
Director of Marketing & Analytics

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